Congratulations to David Farrow the 2020 Judith Owens Spirit Award Recipient!
Dave is a teacher at Middle Township Middle School, and is MTEA’s AR for that building. He builds relationships with everyone he meets including teachers, administration, students, and parents. He has a real long standing love for Middle Township and the people who live here. He works tirelessly to make sure every student has a chance to meet their full potential while in his sphere. Whether in the his class, serving in Student Council, performing on the Step Team, going on the 6th grade camping trip, active in United Young Generation, or taking part in Success, Dave provides a place for students to belong and thrive. He also helps students, families, and community members come together through PRIDE and FAST activities. One of the most popular are the Community Conversation Circles. Dave provides a topic or book for discussion, usually in the area of diversity. The MTEA provides the books, dinner, and gifts for the participants. He serves as MC and moderator for the evening stirring conversation among the diverse participants. Dave also recently received a FAST grant for the Middle Schools Panther Block Showcase where more than 500 people came to the school, getting a full sit-down dinner with performances by various Panther Blocks as well as many booths to visit, allowing families a peek into what happens every morning in Middle Township Middle School. David Farrow is a tireless champion of reaching beyond tolerance and moving to understanding and open dialog among all people in his community of Middle Township.

To hear Dave’s acceptance speech click here.

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