Legislative Action Team - We keep up with the legislation in local, state, and national levels that may affect our jobs now and in the future, our benefits and retirement, and our students. We let you know what's going on and give you opportunities to contact legislators and give you informed options when it's time to vote. Interested? Email Bill Handley or Cyndi Dykhouse with questions.


Pride/Fast Committee helps decide where our MTEA Pride/Fast money goes by evaluating applications. If interested, email Kathy Wynn before October 15th.

School Board Meeting Attendees

One of the most important jobs in the union, board meeting attendees let their head reps know what happened in the monthly board meeting that might affect your building or the union as a whole. If you are interested in what our school board is up to each month, contact your AR today!

Grievance Committee

This is a closed committee dedicated to our members. They make sure contractual issues are grieved in the proper way so our members have a clear avenue to get contract violations by the school or administration corrected. The following are the members of the committee. If you have a possible grievance: See your head rep first! If they are unable to help, then see someone on this list.

#1 Chuck Hengstler
#2 Jay Wynn
MS Gary Rhile
HS Chuck Gahman
Transp. Dawn Robinson