We were not able to hold all of our scheduled events due to the school closure.  NJEA allowed us to re-allocate those funds.  We used the re-allocated funds to purchase an engraved pen and flashlight set for the 8th graders and an engraved keychain for the Seniors.  

    I met with the PRIDE/FAST Committee on Friday, July 17th.  It was decided that we would prioritize our PRIDE/FAST fund for any events related to  Virtual/Covid learning or social justice.  After those events have been processed any remaining funds will be distributed to any other events that have been submitted.  

     Please keep in mind that the purpose of PRIDE and FAST grants are to show the community all of the wonderful things our local association does that are not funded by the Board of Ed, but by our union dues.  PRIDE events can be a 1 time event.  For example:  Book Giveaway at Harvest Festival each year, Trick or Treating at Elem. # 2 or the Giveaway at the District Holiday Concert.   FAST stands for Families and Schools Together Work for Children program works to encourage families to be involved in their children’s education, to enhance their academic progress, and to feel welcome in public schools. FAST is a coalition of education advocates, community groups, and schools working together to foster family involvement and are events that have to happen more than one time. For example: Mr. Farrow’s Community Conversation Circles that take place over the course of a few months and encourage community participants to attend each event.  Unless the events are in conjunction with an already established school event such as Back to School Night, staff involvement must be voluntary.  

**Applications will be available upon request and will be sent as a Google Form. Please send requests to . All grant proposals are due by September 1st.  All virtual learning/covid events or social justice events will be submitted upon receipt.  All others will be submitted at the beginning of September.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me (Kathy Wynn).**


Legislative Action Team - We keep up with the legislation in local, state, and national levels that may affect our jobs now and in the future, our benefits and retirement, and our students. We let you know what's going on and give you opportunities to contact legislators and give you informed options when it's time to vote. Interested? Email Bill Handley or Cyndi Dykhouse with questions.

School Board Meeting Attendees

One of the most important jobs in the union, board meeting attendees let their head reps know what happened in the monthly board meeting that might affect your building or the union as a whole. If you are interested in what our school board is up to each month, contact your AR today!

Grievance Committee

This is a closed committee dedicated to our members. They make sure contractual issues are grieved in the proper way so our members have a clear avenue to get contract violations by the school or administration corrected. The following are the members of the committee. If you have a possible grievance: See your head rep first! If they are unable to help, then see someone on this list.

#1 Chuck Hengstler
#2 Jay Wynn
MS Gary Rhile
HS Chuck Gahman
Transp. Dawn Robinson